To become THE REFERENCE SEARCH ENGINE IN EUROPE in the online trade of agricultural and gardening equipment.

A project that is certainly ambitious, but within our reach!



Our prediction is that within the next 10 to 15 years, the majority of the many industries will see the emergence of a few leading European Maxi-Players, who will come to hold up to 80% of the online market. Indeed we believe that the phenomenon, albeit latently, has already started and is proceeding towards a slow but constant concentration of the market in the hands of the best organised players. The latter will therefore see their turnover increase each year in a higher percentage than the industry business growth, thus gradually increasing their market share. Such players will turn into highly structured e-commerce operators with wide catalogues, offering many high-quality services, an excellent browser experience to the customer and a level of professionalism recognised by the market. They will thus acquire a widespread notoriety that will make them the reference sites of the industry for their consumers, while at the same time raising an increasingly high and insurmountable barrier to small and medium-sized e-commerce, which will no longer be able to keep up, losing share. In the coming years, few players will be able to contend for true supremacy, and these will predominantly be marketplaces by virtue of the inherent presence of countless third-party sellers, who contribute to enriching their product lists. Among them, a dominant one will then stand out, as it is by no means a given that in every product sector it is necessarily Amazon that sits on the throne.



When will the latent phenomenon become evident? Perhaps at the time when there will be greater integration between the 27 markets of the European countries. The single market has existed for years, but the truth is that there is still a high degree of fragmentation between individual national markets, still very different from each other, with persistent barriers to entry and a poorly integrated transport (and courier) network. The main underline cause of this situation is that national populations are still reluctant to make “international" purchases in the European single market in its full dimension, due to a high perception of risk, but also because of language barriers in navigating and communicating with sellers and organisations in European countries. But at this stage, the race of the 'would-be big players' continues just as fast, aiming at their own development, adapting and specialising their distribution model according to the local habits and customs of each country, differentiating and customising their product and service offerings.



We don’t want to become only THE industry reference website in Europe, but we aim to assume the role of FIRST RESEARCH ENGINE in Europe for what concerns agricultural and gardening equipment, thus consulted by the majority of users to search for information about machines, spare parts, maintenance operations, working methods etc. This will allow us to complete our Sales & Service Digitisation process in the specific field in which we operate, namely:

  • Total information level
  • Immediate consumer awareness of what best suits their needs
  • High profile services, customised to the consumer's needs, fast and at home
  • A simple gesture (click or voice command) for every single action (obtaining information, support request, purchase, etc.)


We will be the European customer's main all-round supporter for the care of their green spaces, in complete peace of mind, safety and... total satisfaction!