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  • 1970

    Our roots

    Our history is the story of a family. It was in the 1970s that Manlio Settimi's dream began with the opening of the historic retail shop in Spoleto..., becoming over the years a real landmark in the area for the sale of agricultural and gardening machinery. Professionals and hobbyists in the industry of Spoleto knew they would find in Manlio an undisputed reference and a true expert in green care equipment, always willing and ready to listen to customers' needs. The core values of the Settimi shop's history are precisely the competence and industry knowledge together with customer focus, a vision that lays the foundations for AgriEuro's future development.

  • 2007
    AgriEuro E-commerce Idea

    The idea

    The shop was the first great starting point while a purchase on Ebay.it was the unexpected turn. Always at Manlio's side, his children Filippo, Alessia and Alessandra have carried on the family business over the years..... Especially his passion for marketing and IT cultivated by Filippo led the Company towards an unexpected transformation. With the advent of digital technologies and first marketplaces the purchase procedure became quickly immediate and unrestricted. It is precisely through the purchase of a photocopier on Ebay.it that Filippo found the opportunities offered by the new online marketplace and opened him up to the possibility of entering it. The aim was to extend the family business to the new digital frontiers, decoding the new sales tools in the best possible way. Thus, in 2007, products also became available online on Ebay.it - the reference market place of that period. The technical skills acquired by Filippo during his years in the retail shop, together with his knowledge of the reference customer and the main repair operations, thus met the opportunities offered by the new digital platforms. A winning formula that still constitutes AgriEuro's distinctive strength today.

  • 2008

    The first AgriEuro headquarters

    The family business quickly became a corporate brand. The positive feedback from the first online sales led Filippo to recognise the success of his great business vision and to officially found the brand AgriEuro in 2008, together with his sisters Alessia and Alessandra.... The corporate website – www.agrieuro.com – was launched in the same year and already after a few months the online sales exceeded those of the retail shop, thus making it necessary to create a space dedicated exclusively to AgriEuro's administrative and logistical headquarters. Thus in Spoleto, not far from the historic shop, it was purchased an old mill, which was to become the Company's first office building, a 3.000 s.q. m. distribution centre and a 1.000 s.q. m. workshop for machine repair. Agrieuro.com grew quickly and in 2010 - only 2 years after its launch - it exceeded Ebay.it in terms of selling their products. The significant increase of the own e-commerce channel reach led the need for a first outsourced logistics service that opened in Città di Castello. It was an extremely positive moment for the Company that would have seen its sales tripling year by year up to 2012.

  • 2012
    AgriEuro international Points

    The international development

    The company consolidated and in 2012 decided to open up to the international market. AgriEuro officially entered into the French, German, Spanish and English market with dedicated websites. This represented a very important step for the Company which was also expanding its team... and employing professional native speakers to ensure a high level of efficiency in responding to the end customer and building a tailor-made offer. The purchasing experience is in fact customised on the basis of the habits and needs of different types of customers, thanks to careful research and analysis of the markets in which AgriEuro operates.

  • 2013

    The launch of proprietary brands

    In 2013 AgriEuro launched its first proprietary brand lines. Thus were born the GeoTech and GeoTech-Pro brands, which products are manufactured in China according to European technical and commercial requirements and CE safety standards.... At the same time, the AgriEuro Premium, AgriEuro TOP-LINE and Seven Italy brands were developed - all featuring top quality Italian-made production. Today, AgriEuro's proprietary brand lines have taken on a decisive impact on the Company's overall sales volume and represent an extremely important competitive advantage for the Company.

  • 2017

    AgriEuro industry leader

    Since 2017 AgriEuro has established itself as leader in Italy in the agriculture and gardening machineries industry. The key position reached by the brand as Italy's first e-commerce in the industry coincides with the inauguration of the new administrative headquarters in Spoleto..., officially launched in 2018. A building featuring a modern and refined design which offers a professional and inspirational environment for its team, which today consists of more than 150 employees. The 2020 marked an extraordinary growth for AgriEuro, which saw a 70% increase in turnover compared to the previous year. At the same time, a restyling of the brand and desktop site was underway, leading to a new interface and a redesigned logo. A new mobile site was also launched in 2022 to offer customers an even easier and more immediate purchase experience. Today, the company has over 8,.00 products in its catalogue and 5 distribution centres: 1 under direct management in Spoleto and 4 in outsourcing (Bologna, Novara, Spoleto and Piacenza), for a total of 68.000 s.q. m. of covered warehouses. The Piacenza logistics is the most recent: opened in 2021, it has a 12.000 s.q. m. and holds small-sized products up to 80 Kg. The opening of this latest logistic centre marked the start of a different approach and the organisation of a new important phase of the Company’s supply chain with a specific logistics service divided according to the items size.

  • 2021

    AgriEuro Shangai CO. LTD

    AgriEuro Shanghai Co. Ltd was officially born in October 2021 but it is in this last months that the Company has implemented a range of activities useful to start the new company... . The primary goal pursued by AgriEuro Italy through the establishment of AgriEuro Shanghai Co. Ltd is to obtain an increasingly direct relationship with Chinese suppliers, thus achieving greater ease in the implementation of trade agreements, supplies, issue management and assistance. AgriEuro Shanghai Co. Ltd will soon be fully operational and will act as import-export, consulting and service company for the parent company (AgriEuro Italy), through a team of qualified professionals from China that will support the Italian Import Department in all activities. The starting of this company for AgriEuro will mean:

    • Internalisation of negotiations with Chinese suppliers;
    • More direct management of the supply chain to optimise product change and customisation operations on the basis of European market requirements and, above all, on the basis of EC safety standards;
    • Gradual internalisation of purchase-related quality control and production procedures;
    • Co-ordination of logistics activities directly in China;
    • Follow-up of all import and export activities with specific flows.

  • 2022
    AgriEuro Partner Service Centres

    AgriEuro Partner Service Centres

    AgriEuro launches the brand new Partner Service Centres on national and international territory, thus enhancing the After-Sales service and reducing the waiting times. The company has activated, in fact, a series of partnerships with... mechanical repair workshops inside the national territory, as well as with operators of some of the main foreign markets in wich it is present. AgriEuro's partner workshop network now has a good capillarity and a funcional distribution to its customer base.

  • 2023
    AgriEuro Doubling Piacenza Logistics

    Doubling Piacenza Logistics

    AgriEuro signs a new collaboration agreement with FERCAM, historical partner of the brand, for the doubling of the current logistics office in Piacenza. The current site thus expands by an additional are of 12.500 square meters and a... capacity of 14.000 pallet places, and us addes to the logistics centers of Bologna Interporto and Novara (managed by FERCAM for AgriEuro) and the warehouse of Spoleto, in the province of Perugia, directly managed by AgriEuro. The new logistics area will host a second semi-automatic packaging line, similar to the one already in use in Piacenza, but specific for small and medium sized products from 0 to 40 kg. The new machinery has been designed by an internal office in AgriEuro, in collaboration with the technical team of FERCAM and together with the two partner companies for the physical costruction and installation of the plant. The new packaging system will be even more technologically advanced, characterized by a higher working speed and production capacity up to 4 times higher than the model currently in operation.

  • AgriEuro Future

    AgriEuro’s future

    From industry-leading in Italy to industry-leading in Europe. This is AgriEuro's main goal today. At the time being, e-commerce is already firmly embedded in European countries... - Germany, France, Spain and England - but it is under consolidating the brand's prestige in order to achieve the same positioning and visibility that the Company managed to build in the Italian market. Growing in Sustainability Another primary aim of the Company is to enhance its already virtuous way as a sustainable economy. The new automatic packaging system made of 100% environmentally friendly material achieved great resonance. Indeed, AgriEuro eliminated plastic and also wooden pallets from all packagings, replacing them exclusively with recycled cardboard. There are many ongoing projects that aim for a higher responsibility and sustainability. Looking for young talent. The Company's growth implies a constant expansion of the workforce, which is why AgriEuro is now looking for highly qualified personnel who can actively contribute to the Company's present for its future.