Our Headquarters

AgriEuro’s headquarters are based in Spoleto, among the evocative green landscapes of Umbria, places full of history, art, culture and nature, that express the values through which the Company pursues the challenge of its “change in continuity” by the winning combination of historical skills and application of the best digital technologies. AgriEuro’ current office building was inaugurated in 2018 and features a modern and refined design that aims to offer its employees a professional, pleasant and inspiring environment for a peaceful day-to-day working life.

Uffici di AgriEuro a Spoleto

AgriEuro Headquarters Spoleto

Logistic centres

Today AgriEuro is the main e-commerce in Europe for agricultural, gardening and kitchen equipment. The items are shipped directly from the distribution centres of the Company which now uses 5 different outsourced logistics facilities:

  • Novara
  • Piacenza
  • Bologna
  • Bastia Umbra
  • Spoleto

AgriEuro logistics centres feature a total of 68.000 s.q. M. of covered warehouses. Today the company offers a range of 8.000 machine models, also including proprietary brands, all in prompt delivery. The products are shipped directly from the AgriEuro distributive centres without intermediaries: indeed the end customer is offered a direct and complete service, from pre-sales to after-sales assistance. AgriEuro is the only web portal offering after-sales assistance service on all the machinery offered and the supply of spare parts. The distributive centre in Spoleto is in fact entirely dedicated to the storage and distribution of spare parts (3.000 s.q. m.) and the machine repair workshop (1.000 s.q. m).

Sede logistica di Spoleto

Logistics Centre Spoleto

Logistics Centre Novara

Logistics Centre Novara

Sede Logistica Bologna

Logistics Centre Bologna

Sede Logistica Piacenza

Logistics Centre Piacenza