Sustainable Packaging

AgriEuro Packaging

In an ever-changing world, delivery options are also taking a step into the future. It therefore becomes more necessary than ever to pay attention to the environmental impact brought about by our industry.

Sustainability has always been an AgriEuro core value, a concrete guideline in defining corporate strategies and procedures. As of 2021, in fact, in the logistics facility in Piacenza, where machines up to 80kg are handled, AgriEuro employs a 4.0 technology: a one-of-a-kind semi-automatic packaging line that allows us to intervene in the environmental impact generated, transforming unbleached cardboard (made of 80% recycled paper), into packaging tailored to the product to be shipped.



100% Sustainable

By using a double cardboard box, we ensure maximum protection without having to include a filling material and plastic strapping, therefore conscientiously reducing the damage sustained from transportation (percentage close to 70%) and preserving the integrity of the goods. The use of recycled paper was also preferred for the adhesive tapes, in the idea of a totally green boxing. As for the product range between 25 and 80kg, the same packaging line implements cardboard (instead of wood) palletizing by applying feet under the boxes. The elimination of wood and replacement with cardboard allowed the use of a 100% recycled and recyclable material, eliminating all traces of plastic, making the entire packaging conveniently disposable by the consumer within the separate collection of paper and cardboard, thus enabling a positive impact on the environment.