ABOUT US We are the leading company in Italy (and among the leaders in Europe) in the e-commerce sale of agricultural and gardening machinery, also providing a high-profile, customer-oriented service that represents a high value for the customer.   THE CHALLENGE All the major players in the industry, manufacturers and competitors, credit us (or demerit according to the most “conservative”) with the large-scale opening to the e-commerce channel of complex equipment as large as our industry. A scenario that everyone considered unfeasible due to the high perceived risk of the end consumer due to:

  • High level of complexity of equipment
  • Higher price compared to the average online shopping experience.
  • Poor and confusing availability of information on the web.
  • Difficulty of the consumer in finding the right product.
  • Poorly organised e-commerce both in the sale and in the sale of complex machinery and in the after-sales assistance.

  THE MISSION Our mission is to make easy and accessible to the online customer the safe purchase of agricultural and gardening machinery, both for professional use and for everyone who wants to take care of their green space in their leisure time. We aim to eliminate any risk allowing our customers to purchase in total safety and consciousness, sure that the equipment will satisfy their needs. We guarantee the only true online after-sales assistance service about machines, based on sound knowledge, consistency and professionalism.   CUSTOMER CENTRICITY HIGHER QUALITY USER EXPERIENCE

  • Easy navigation
  • Wealth and usability of the information
  • Intuitiveness of website tools and paths
  • User path guided and facilitated by ad hoc categories and filters
  • Professional contact experience with our consultants

ADDITIONAL PURCHASING SERVICES (which only AgriEuro provides):

  • 100% ecological double packaging (no plastic and no wooden pallets)
  • First maintenance set supplied for free
  • Assembly video tutorials

EXCLUSIVE AFTER-SALES ASSISTANCE SERVICES (which make AgriEuro unique in the European market):

  • Spare parts supply (under warranty and on sale)
  • After-sales assistance & repair for product malfunction
  • Competent and fast support from our operators for any problems after purchase.