Markets where we operate

AgriEuro has quickly become the leading e-commerce in Europe in the field of machines for gardening and agricolture. For over ten years the company has been solidly present in the major European countries: Italy, France, Germany, Spain and United Kindom. Through the construction of five dedicated sites and thanks to the expertise of native speakers, AgriEuro deals directly with the sale abroad of its catalog, consisting of over 8,000 products ready for delivery.


The numbers

Nowadays Italy is the most mature market, while abroad AgriEuro offers a large margin of development and, in recent years, there are very important growth rates. In particular, in the first months of 2022 the impact on the turnover of foreign countries is higher than that of the Italian market and stands at 58% of total turnover.

Out portal is active in 5 domains (.COM in Italian; .FR in French; .DE in German; .ES in Spanish; .CO.UK in English) and we are currently shipping our products throughout Europe. Specifically, The German market is currently the leading European player (29% of turnover), followed by the French (22%), Spanish (6%) and English (1%).


Share turnover AgriEuro (Q1 2023)

Our Bussiness Model

The business model common to the 5 reference markets is to provide a high level of pre and post sales customer service through a dedicated department for each language (Italian, French, German, Spanish and English) with native speakers.


For each department of the 4 foreign markets of reference there are two offices:

  • Marketing/Sales/Adnubustration
  • After-sales/Customer Care
Ufficio Francia

France Department

Ufficio Germania

German Department

Ufficio Inghilterra

England Department

Ufficio Spagna

Spain Department